Witness: attempted suicide under the wheels of a train

Witness: attempted suicide under the wheels of a train


Surveillance cameras showed people threw himself on top of a train bar almost to pass it and Ahtrh into two halves, but he miraculously survived and made safe.
The incident occurred in the “Phetchaburi” train station south of Thailand.
According to local media, ambulance crews have attended to the station but did not find the man, to be found at a later date, and it is clear that unemployed and at the age of 23 years of “Buriram” area in eastern Thailand.
Local residents said they saw him wandering in the area over the past few days. It is said that he was suffering from depression and tried to harm himself before it, shows that it was not hurt except for a small cut in the leg. He did not say whether he would face any charges.

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